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Dai Hayashi was born in 1954 and raised in Japan. He also traveled around the world with backpack. In 1979 he ended up in Los Angeles and became a sushi apprentice at Hana Sushi near UCLA. In 1983 he opened his own restaurant SushiSei at Hermosa Beach with 2 partners. After selling SushiSei in 1990, he opened his second restaurant in Orange County, CA, but did not work out. Dai worked at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, where he was highly influenced by Nobu Matsuhisa. Dai moved to Scottsdale in 1993 in search of a better place to raise his children. He loves the weather, the people and playing golf year round. In 1995, Dai opened SushiKo which has been serving the valley since then, it has been our pleasure to serve the thousands of customers.

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Hikaru Hayashi Sushi Chef, Since 2001. In 2004 he worked at RaSushi Scottsdale, then back to Sushi Ko where he is
currently at.

Raul Gallegos Sushi Chef, Since 2000.

Filemon Cruz Sushi and Kitchen Chef, Since 1999.

Marcelo Dominguez Kitchen Chef, Since 2000.

Mariko Noda Head Waitress, Since 2000.

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